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Gao Song, Served in Orchestra department of Tianjin Conservatory of music as Director of Tianjin Youth Orchestra, and Woodwind & Brass Ensemble since September 2016.

She started her conducting career during her study with Maestro Zheng Xiaoying, at Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra since 2006, she was conductor in residence of Fujian Symphony Orchestra from 2014-2016.

As an active conductor she was also conducted many orchestras in China, such as Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanxi Philharmonic Orchestra, Xi'an Symphony Orchestra, Tianjin Opera and Dance Orchestra, Tianjin Philharmonic Orchestra, Hunan Symphony Orchestra, Sichuan Philharmonic Orchestra, Harbin Symphony Orchestra, Xinjiang Philharmonic Orchestra, Gansu Opera and Dance Orchestra and Jilin Symphony Orchestra.  

Beyond Symphonies, she was conducted many western and Chinese operas productions such as La Traviata, Don Pasquale, Tosca, Regret for the Past, Rigoletto, Yue Fei and Die Fledermaus, etc.

高嵩,师从郑小瑛教授,曾任福建省歌舞剧院常任指挥,现任天津音乐学院管弦系教师,青年交响乐团指挥。她曾合作过的团体有:厦门爱乐乐团,广州交响乐团,陕西爱乐乐团,西安交响乐团,天津爱乐乐团,天津歌舞剧院交响乐团,四川爱乐乐团,湖南省歌舞剧院,哈尔滨歌舞剧院,新疆爱乐乐团,甘肃省歌舞剧院,吉林省交响乐团,等等。曾指挥过的歌剧有:《La Traviata》,《Don Pasquale 》,《紫藤花》(《伤逝》校园版),《岳飞》,《土楼》,《Tosca》,《Rigoletto》,<<Die Fledermaus>>等。




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