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Ying Cao is a talented soprano and lecturer in the Department of Vocal Music, Tianjin Conservatory of Music. She has won the first prize of the TV Singer Grand Prix many times, the title of "the Top Ten Singer of Golden Horn Award" and "Tianjin Art Star." During the National Opera Competition of 2010, she won the third place in Aria division and second place at the division of Chinese Artistic Songs.  She performed at the Spring Festival Gala of Tianjin TV for five consecutive years and has had many successful solo concerts.  In 2004, she participated in the Vienna master class and received rave reviews during graduation.  In 2008, with the support of National Scholarship she studied at the Italian Napoli School of Music.  There she won the second place (vacancy in first place) of "Puccini International Vocal Competition" and received high praise from the chairman of judging panel Luciana Serra.  In 2009 she studied under Professor Zhou Xiaoyan in Shanghai and performed leading female roles in opera Lucia di Lammermoor and Don Juan.  She also participated in and/or played important roles in opera Jiang Jie, Messiah, Turandot, Yue Fei and the original opera The Song of Big Wind.  Ying Cao graduated with honor from Tianjin Conservatory of Music.


2008年4月,获国家奖学金,以访问学者的身份赴意大利那波里音乐学院学习,在学期间获“普契尼国际声乐比赛”第二名(第一名空缺),得到评委会主席LUCIANA SERRA的高度评价。2009年赴上海学习,得到周小燕教授传授,饰演歌剧《拉美摩尔的露琪亚》中的露琪亚和歌剧《唐璜》中唐娜安娜。  2010年参加全国歌剧展演比赛,获歌剧咏叹调组三等奖、中国艺术歌曲二等奖。




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