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Established in 2000, A-Sharp Chorus is one of the largest Chinese choral groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 100 regular singers. Mostly from Mainland China, they are comprised of business or technical professionals, many of whom have masters or doctoral degrees. They are passionate for music and choral singing. They work full time during weekdays and meet for rehearsal on weekends. From works with various instrumental accompaniments to large scale masterpieces with a full orchestra, A-Sharp has steadily developed itself into one of the most beloved choirs in the Bay Area. It has not only contributed to the local community but also enjoyed international exposure at the same time.

In the past ten years, A-Sharp Chorus participated in or produced a number of high-profile concerts. In 2006, A-Sharp Chorus took the Cantata Lyrics of Overseas Chinese by Mr. Guo Ke, the Chorus' resident poet, and Mr. A Tang, a famous composer, to China and performed at five venues. It told the story of the past 150 years of overseas Chinese who have struggled through hardships for their achievements and contributions to this country. It also expressed their yearning for the motherland through its melodies and lyrics.

In 2008, A-Sharp Chorus and members from other two Choruses presented another original work, the Oratorio King Yu by Mr. Guo Ke and Mr. Bao Yuankai, a well-known composer. It was based on the legend of King Yu who led his people in the fight against devastating floods for thirteen years, and it exemplified the significance of the unity of a people and their nation to survive and thrive.

In 2011, the A-Sharp Chorus presented their third original piece in Song of the Big Wind, another Oratorio with lyrics by Mr. Guo Ke and music by Mr. Chen Lechang, a well-known music composer. It tells the story of the formation of the identity of the Han people.

This year, the A-Sharp Chorus will perform NuWa Patches the Sky, co-produced with Symphony Silicon Valley. The story is a part of ancient Chinese creation mythology, wherein the goddess, NuWa, rescues humanity by repairing the pillar of heaven. This concert will be an infusion of eastern and western cultures, providing a unique musical perspective and experience.




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