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Create a deeper connection with the orchestra by designating your donation of $2,000 or more to sponsor a musician "chair."

What is a Chair Sponsor?
If you review the roster of musicians near the front of Symphony Silicon Valley's program books, you will notice that some names are followed by the italicized name of a "Chair Sponsor".  One of the benefits the Symphony offers to recognize the special generosity of our Baton Society donors - those who regularly give $2,000 and more - is the opportunity to choose a musician to support.
Technically, the sponsorship is not for the musician but for his or her "chair," or position in the orchestra.  Crystal Baton donors - those who give $5,000 and more - can choose any chair in the orchestra, including principals and assistant principals. Baton Society donors are invited to indicate the section chair of their choice.
Baton Society memberships and Chair Sponsorships serve the essential purpose of providing much needed support for the Symphony, its musicians and its  community services.   But in addition, sponsorship can be an opportunity to get to know more about the orchestra from the inside out. Live concerts are a kind of partnership between players and listeners, an hour or two where both give the music their all.   Sponsorship can provide a special connection between musical partners.
The Symphony holds informal events where sponsors and players can meet, mix, and enjoy each other's company.  All of the permanent positions in the Symphonhy Silicon Valley orchestra are sponsored each season, with a waiting list for sponsorships. Not only does this support the Symphony; it also helps to transform each concert into a meeting with friends.
The Symphony and musicians thank the Chair Sponsors for their generosity.

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